Hear from adults like you who have begin their journey with ballet



Carissa’s boyfriend bought her a surprise birthday present ballet class. It had always been her dream to dance ballet. She arrived at the studio having no idea what she was doing there! We had a fun class and she left having had a very special birthday gift to live her dream for an afternoon.


Bryan decided that he was ready to try something new. He contacted me for his first ballet lesson, and also began lessons in piano and singing. His goal is to learn enough ballet to move to a group setting and enjoy classical ballet.

I came to Julie with zero experience in dance and expectations based solely on my private lessons with instructors in other disciplines. Our first lesson blew me away. It seemed like 2.5 hrs worth of content stuffed into a one hour window. Besides my skill level, nothing really changed. They were all like that. My questions never went unanswered and my concerns never left unaddressed. I don’t know—and I can’t help but think about these things—how anything could have gone better.

After over six months with Julie, I do have one regret: I now hold my other teachers to a completely unreasonable standard!
— Bryan

Joslyn, budding actress

Joslyn is an actress preparing for a role that involves movement. She wanted to study classical ballet in order to learn to move and coordinate her body. She wanted to learn how to break out of her physical comfort zone and use physical expression in order to learn to move for her upcoming role. After 6 months together, she was even able to take a role in a chorus involving choreography and movement.


Katya always had a dream to dance ballet, but had never gotten to try it. She was intimidated by group class and wanted to take her first lessons in a private setting. Her pilates experience allowed her to learn quickly, and pick up the proper placement very quickly.


Lise came to me ready to try something new. She had never taken ballet before. As a live art model, she wanted to add a polished and classical line to her poses. Her prior experience in pilates allowed her to learn the basic placement very quickly.

Learning beginner ballet as an adult is a very special experience. I came to Julie at a point in my life where I wanted to grow artistically and learn something new.

Julie is an amazing instructor. Everything she promised happened, and more. Working with her to develop my personal balletic aesthetic has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of my life. Mastering each task is hard work. It challenged me physically and mentally and pushed me beyond what I ever thought I could accomplish. I must say that one of the things I am most proud of is the port de bras arms that I learned.

The grace that I carry today is from our work together and she never gave up on me even when I felt I wouldn’t be able to master a certain step. She promised me that not only would “I get there” but that “you will make it your own”. Both came true. I don’t think there is anyone at any age who wouldn’t benefit from working with Julie.

Julie’s ballet instruction builds strength, positivity and grace. She is amazing!
— Lise