Apply to be a Broche Ballet Instructor

At Broche Ballet, we truly believe that ballet is for everyone. We're creating a supportive yet motivating community of people who share a common drive and goal to constantly improve, seek perfection, and help each other along the way.

Why you want the Position

  • Teaching helps your dancing - it gives you exposure to a wide array of mistakes, body types, and forces you to deepen your understanding of fundamental concepts by having to explain them.

  • You'll get to spread the joy of ballet with newcomers, and view ballet technique through their fresh eyes.

  • You'll be working with dedicated, passionate, and excited students who love ballet and share your obsession.

  • Opportunities to take on more responsibility as Broche Ballet expands around Denver. Be a part of a growing business providing real ballet training for grown-ups.

About the Position

  • Teach the Broche Ballet curriculum to small-group classes of absolute beginner adults who have no prior ballet (or even dance) experience, all the way to professionals returning in their later years. Help your dancers succeed in living their dream of learning ballet.

  • Embody the Broche Ballet values to inspire, motivate, and connect with your students, providing them an environment where they look forward to coming each week. Your class will often be the highlight of your dancers' week.

  • Prior to the first day your class, depending on your level of teaching experience, you may be required to complete up to 15 hours of in-studio training. There may be additional reading and/or videos as well.

  • Depending on your level of teaching experience, participate in ongoing training and preparation as your classes advance further into the Broche Ballet curriculum. This training will most often involve independent reading and reviewing, but sometimes in-studio training for nuanced topics. This will be an average of 1-2 hours per week.

  • Optionally serve as a substitute for other classes.

  • You'll be a W2 part-time employee at an hourly rate for the time spent in the studio teaching your classes.

  • You’ll be covered under Broche Ballet’s insurance - no need to purchase your own liability insurance.

About The Ideal Candidate

  • Started ballet later in life, or have an unorthodox history with ballet

  • Patient, kind, and personable

  • Love and are obsessed with ballet, especially the details

  • True belief that it’s never too late to follow one's passion

  • Responsive in written communication

Application Process

  1. Fill out the questionnaire below to tell us more about your background, experience, and availability.

  2. If we're a good fit based on values, we’ll reach out to set up a time to meet to get to know you better over coffee.

  3. If you haven’t taken class with us before, we’ll ask you to come in for a class so we can see how you move.

  4. Depending on your prior experience, we’ll set up a time for you to teach a sample class to one or more members of our staff to get an idea of how you lead a class.

  5. Finally, if we’re a good fit, we'll sign an employment contract, select the class(es) that you'll teach, and coordinate a training schedule if applicable.

Application questionnaire

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