Rent studio space for tap or Irish dancing

From tap to Irish and other hard-shoe styles, we have what you need to enable you to do what you love without worrying about the space.

Sprung wood floor with Marley covering.

Speakers with aux cables for use with phones.

Controllable AC/Heat for comfort.

Two walls with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Curtains to cover all mirrors.

Free water bottles.

Free wifi.

Device charging station.

Changing room, private bathroom, and waiting area.

Phone tripod for easy filming of sessions. No extra charge to film your session.

A beautiful space ideally sized for your private or small group needs

Teach a private couple, a semi-private class, or a small group workshop, or rent the space to practice on your own. Be sure to check your shoes before entering the studio space.

Virtual tour

Take a walk through the space with the interactive virtual tour below!

studio rentals for yoga