You’re invited to perform with us at our Broche Ballet Student Showcase — Sept 28, 2019


Join us for our first student showcase!

If your friends and family always wonder what you learn in ballet class, now’s your time to show them! Plus, take your dancing to the next level with a performance. There’s nothing to put your technique to the test like showing others what you’ve been working on.

With a performance, it’s a bit different than class time. You get the opportunity to perfect the same piece of choreography over time and really polish it up to show it off. Really dig into all the details of one set of choreography.

Let’s address the elephant in the room … it can definitely be scary to get up in front of people and put yourself out there, but it can also be really rewarding and a lot of fun to dance on stage with your friends! If you’re nervous but want to try, don’t worry, most people are quite nervous to perform. We’ll all be there together to get through the scary parts and really enjoy the fun parts!


Show Dates & Location

Dress rehearsal - Sept 27 6pm followed by Cast Party

Matinee Performance - Sept 28 1pm

Evening Performance - Sept 28 6:30pm

Please note: Broche Ballet will be closed for regular classes Friday - Sunday Sept 27-29

Shows will take place at our Englewood studio, 4840 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113.

Who can join? Are there auditions?

No auditions - simply sign up for the number and size of pieces that you’d like to participate in, and we’ll group you with similarly-leveled dancers!

Any dancer may participate! All levels welcome, even beginner dancers.

Participation Fees

The participation fee is different depending on the number of dancers per piece.

Group pieces

Group pieces include your costume!

  • 8-dancer piece (includes costume) - $75

  • 6-dancer piece (includes costume) - $100

  • 4-dancer pointe piece (includes costume) - $125

Group piece rehearsals - Sat/Sun afternoons at our Englewood Studio

  • Aug 3-4

  • Aug 10-11

  • Aug 17-18

  • Aug 24-25

  • No rehearsal Labor Day Weekend

  • Sept 7-8

  • Sept 14-15

  • Sep 21-22

Individual pieces

Solos and Duets can be performed on flat or on pointe, and the cost does not include the costume, as the dancers may select their own budget and costume. Rehearsal times can be flexible and arranged with the dancer(s) and choreographer. For a duet, you may sign up for a duet alone, and if another dancer wants to do a duet, we’ll pair you up. Otherwise, you and a friend can sign up for a duet together!

For Solos & Duets, you may request a specific instructor to work with you. If you have specific things you’d like to perform, let us know. We’ll do our best to work with your preferences!

  • Duet (costume not included) - $125

  • Solo (costume not included) - $250

Registration for any piece includes…

  • Choreography, either original by a Broche Ballet instructor, or re-staged from a ballet.

  • Participation in a full-cast piece (optional).

  • 7 hours of rehearsal time plus dress rehearsal.

  • Cast party after the dress rehearsal.

  • 2 shows.

Dancers who are not on active Broche memberships are welcome to join, but there is an additional $50 participation fee.

We are unable to offer Prima Pass discounts, and makeup credits may not be used towards participation fees.

What will we perform?

The cast and piece list will be set on July 26th after registration.

Step 1) Dancers register for pieces by number of dancers and price point.

Step 2) Broche Ballet will divide up dancers by level and size of piece.

Step 3) Based on that cast list, you will receive the finalized the piece list and rehearsal schedule on July 26th. If you are in multiple pieces, we’ll do our best to set the rehearsal schedule to have those back to back or on separate days.

Commemorative T-Shirt

To commemorate the occasion, purchase a commemorative t-shirt with your registration! $35

T-shirt Front

Recital T-shirt front.png

T-shirt Back

Recital T-shirt back.png

Audience tickets

$10 per audience member.

You may purchase tickets with your registration, or audience members can click here to purchase tickets or visit the “Events” tab of our website.

How will the performance work at the studio?

We’ll re-arrange the studio to make it fun and special!

  • The lounge area will be turned into audience seating.

  • The back parking lot will have a weather-proof party tent as a green room for the show.

  • Mirrors and barres will be moved to the cast tent for warmup.

  • Audience and cast parking will be at Sprouts or other nearby retailer.


If you find that you will need to miss more than 2 rehearsals, please contact us as soon as possible if you discover this will happen. We will do our best to ensure that you can remain up to date with your fellow dancers and continue to join us. However, in the event of missing more than 2 rehearsals, we reserve the right to cancel your participation in the showcase without a refund.

Once registered, we are unable to offer any refunds for any reason, including being unable to participate in the show.


Do you want to join us, but have more questions? Need to miss more than 2 rehearsals? Nervous to perform? Questions about logistics, scheduling, costumes, etc? Let us know! We’d be happy to help!

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Registration closed! Contact us if you missed the deadline but are interested in being in the show.