Fuel your ballet obsession with the Prima Pass

You are obsessed with ballet and wish you could spend every minute in the ballet studio — we get it! We are obsessed too! The Prima Pass is designed for you to enjoy ballet even more.

Photo courtesy of Broche Ballet instructor Casey Pottle

Photo courtesy of Broche Ballet instructor Casey Pottle

Prima Pass Perks

  • Unlimited ballet classes at your level*

  • Free stretch classes

Loyalty benefits

After 3 consecutive months…

  • 25% off private lessons

  • 10% discount on Broche Ballet merchandise (t-shirts, tanks, mugs, and totes)

  • 10% off tickets to shows at the Colorado Ballet

After 6 consecutive months…

  • 50% off private lessons

  • 15% discount on Broche Ballet merchandise (t-shirts, tanks, mugs, and totes)

  • 15% off tickets to shows at the Colorado Ballet

How it works

Prima Pass is a monthly tuition add-on for existing Broche Ballet students for $80/month and entitles you to all of the fabulous benefits to help you get obsessed with ballet!

The Prima Pass is an add-on to your existing tuition. It auto-renews on the 5th of the month and is subject to the same cancelation policies as Broche Ballet Tuition. The Prima Pass is exclusively available to dancers already registered for regular classes with Broche Ballet.

No refunds will be offered if extra classes are not scheduled. Access to extra classes are on a first-come-first-serve basis. After cancelation of the Prima Pass, any Pass classes scheduled beyond the date of cancelation will be canceled.

Prima Pass benefits begin on the 1st of the month following your purchase. There is no pro-ration for partial calendar months.

Scheduling Prima Pass unlimited classes

To schedule your ballet and stretch classes, you will receive unlimited credits in your Makeup Finder account. Simply schedule your Prima Pass classes the same way you would schedule makeup classes. You may reserve your spot in Prima Pass classes up to 3 weeks in advance.

*How to see the classes available to you

Adult Pointe Shoes.jpg

Head over to the Makeup Finder here and enter your details to log in. You will be able to register for classes that are comparable to your regularly-scheduled classes.

The classes available to you will be 1 level up, your level, and 2 levels down from your level, of an appropriate type. For example, if your regular class is Low Impact, then only Low Impact classes will be available for you. Or, if you regularly attend Ballet Technique and Pointe, then classes of both types will be available for your Prima Pass.


If you miss your regularly scheduled class, you will be eligible for a makeup class as normal. Any classes scheduled will first deduct from your makeup credits, and then will continue to use your Prima Pass after your makeup credits have been used.

Makeups are not given for missed Prima Pass classes, as you can simply continue to schedule more classes.

If you cancel your Prima Pass and have remaining makeup credits for any missed regular classes, you will continue to be able to schedule those makeup classes as you normally would.

Loyalty Benefits

Once you reach 3 or 6 consecutive months on the Prima Pass, you will receive your own personalized coupon codes to use for private lessons, merchandise, and Colorado Ballet tickets (when purchased through Broche Ballet).

If you cancel your Prima Pass and re-join later, your consecutive months of a member will reset to one (1).

Buy Prima Pass

We can accommodate a fixed number of Prima Passes per level. Prima Passes for Overture are not available. To attend class more frequently, but if you don’t want to attend frequently enough for the Prima Pass, we also offer add-on credits.