At Broche Ballet, we believe ballet is for everyone.

We're creating a supportive yet motivating community of people who share a common drive and goal to constantly improve, seek perfection, and help each other along the way.

We also want to allow other dancers, teachers, and artists to have space to practice what they love without the up front cost of renting and operating a studio, from yoga to pilates to acting to other styles of dance. Dancers and teachers should be able to focus on what they love, not have to deal with the operations of running a studio.

How it all began - A message from our founder and ballet coach, Julie Gill

At the age of 17, I took my first ballet class. I had no prior dancing experience, and would not have considered myself to be athletic or graceful in the slightest. I couldn't touch my toes, nor could I walk up stairs without tripping. Regardless, ballet captured my imagination immediately. I earned a dance minor from Pace University, trained in both youth summer intensive programs and adult programs, and studied privately. 


My training began at California Ballet School and San Diego Civic Youth Ballet. After moving to New York City, I trained in adult programs at Joffrey Ballet School, Steps on Broadway, Ballet Academy East, Alvin Ailey, and Peridance. During this time, I trained extensively under Kat Wildish at Alvin Ailey, where I performed classical ballet excerpts with classmates and local dance companies. I also studied privately with Beth Kurtz, where I gained a solid base of technique, an understanding of the mechanics of advanced steps, and the foundation of my future dance training.

julie gill broche ballet owner

I went on to study at Pace University, I studied alongside students from the BFA Commercial Dance program to bolster my ballet training with exposure to many different styles of dance, choreography, and performance opportunities.

After just 4 years of training in ballet, I was accepted into the Gelsey Kirkland summer intensive, where I studied under Gelsey Kirkland herself, and performed Gisele alongside pre-professional students. I also attended the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Summer Intensive, where I placed into a level appropriate for students with 10+ years of dance experience.


I have danced in excerpts from Swan Lake, Sylvia, Tarantella, and many others in Kat Wildish Performing in NYC Showcase, and danced in the Corps de Ballet for Giselle with the Gelsey Kirkland collegiate summer intensive. However, I believe that the best performers are not always the best teachers. Understanding the art of performance is essential to teaching, but is not the most important quality in a teacher.

A teacher must push you to become the best you can be, and must be able to help you see a new perspective that you could not see on your own. They must be able to identify problems and help guide you to find solutions. 

Unique perspective

As a late-starting dancer, I have a unique memory of problems that I faced during training, and how I worked to solved them. I teach students of levels ranging from absolute beginner to pointe and ages ranging from 9 to adult. I have a deep technical understanding of the mechanics and steps of ballet and works with each student to learn the necessary skills for their level.

Additionally, having pieced together training from so many different schools, teachers, styles, and states, plus also getting deep into power lifting, and going through an injury through which I was forced to learn many new things about the body, I bring a unique perspective collected from many years of different advice, opinions, and perspectives. I have had to analyze each piece of advice to discover what works for me and my students to piece together a philosophy of teaching that is unique and effective.

Passion for sharing the love of ballet

Ballet is for everyone, and I want to break down the stereotypes and help everyone enjoy it and see the benefits. Perhaps even more than doing ballet, teaching is a great joy. Owning, creating, and instructing at Broche Ballet is a dream-come-true for her, and an incredible privilege to be able create a place for adults to learn ballet.