Four weeks, fifteen people, one beautiful studio

Week one

The flower shop moves out. Broche Ballet studios replaces Bella Calla flower shop at the Metlo in the Golden Triangle. 

  • Move front door from centered double door to single door on the side.
  • Install keypad lock on door for easy studio access.
  • Strip out brown wood wall panelling.
  • Paint, scrub, clean, re-wire electricity.

Week Two

Leveling the concrete

In order to install a beautiful sprung wood floor, the subfloor (concrete in my case) must be level to 3/8" of tolerance over a 10' radius. Custom Concrete Prep and Polish did a great job with the leveling project.

Constructing a wall

In order to provide a waiting area for dancers warming up for their time in the studio, a wall was constructed. 

Week Three

Installing Mirrors

2 walls of large beautiful floor-to-ceiling mirrors went up in the space to give dancers every angle they need to improve their technique. High Plains Glass did an amazing job transforming the space!

Installing the floor

Family and friends came for a weekend to help install the floor and help build the barre. 

Building the adjustable barre

The barre was constructed from aluminum pipes and pipe fittings from Grainger and designed for heights from 34" to 48" and many heights in between.

Week Four

Final touches

  • Window curtains for privacy.
  • Bathroom mirrors.
  • Foam for comfortable warm up.
  • Chairs in the waiting area.
  • Music speaker.
  • Device charging station.
  • Wifi installation.
  • Free water.
  • Hanging logo vinyl and clock.

Opening week!

We were excited to host many dancers and renters our first week in the space, and look forward to many more! Many more improvements and finishing touches to come as we all use the space, but it already feels like the perfect cozy place to do what you love!