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The 77 Year Old Ballet Dancer Sharing Seven Decades Of Experience | Amazing Humans

Madame Suzelle Poole started dancing age 7. She is now 77 and is still teaching and performing.

Adult ballet

Late bloomers: Adult ballet classes bring the joy of dance at any age

Learning ballet as an adult is a chance to return to our bodies, to be true beginners again. It's an escape from work stress, a departure from overscheduled lives and a way to build confidence that you, too, can learn a new skill.

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Adults on pointe

Kat Wildish has danced with New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. Here, she leads an adult pointe class at The Ailey Extension. Photo by Kyle Froman, courtesy of Kat Wildish.

P.S. If you look closely, you’ll see our studio owner, Julie Gill in back near the piano!

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Britain's oldest ballet dancer passes elite exam... aged 80: Great-grandmother completes test with a merit 58 years after her last exam

Barbara Peters, 80, from Halifax, is the country's oldest ballet dancer. She passed a top exam from the Royal Academy of Dance in London. The great-grandmother has been dancing since she was a two-year-old.