Broche Ballet Class Level Explanation

Our classes are only up to 3 dancers, and for the most part, the same exact dancers every single week. It's incredibly important for progression in ballet to be grouped with similar dancers as well as the same dancers so that we can build on topics each week and not start from scratch if the makeup of the class changes weekly.

Review the levels of classes below, and schedule your free preview lesson to find the right fit for you


In this program, we start from the very beginning. And we mean the ABSOLUTE beginning!

In the first two weeks, we discuss topics such as:

  • What are the foot positions?

  • What are the basic arm positions?

  • How do you count music?

  • How do you point your foot?

These classes begin on a set date so that all dancers receive information about the basics at the same exact time. Once a class is in progress, new dancers may no longer register for this class without a preview lesson to check level and ensure that the dancer will not be too far behind the other dancers. This ensures that the dancers in the class won’t step backwards for new dancers, and that new dancers feel comfortable starting from the beginning.

If you have ever done ballet before for any longer period of time than 6 months to 1 year (under age 8 doesn’t count), then this is possible not the correct level for you. Come in for a free preview lesson to find out what the best place for you is.

Level 2a-2c

Classes are between lessons 3-17 of the Broche Ballet curriculum (which can span many months). These classes assume a basic knowledge of ballet arm and foot positions, and a basic understanding of vocabulary learned in the Overture program.

Some things we discuss:

  • How do you turn out your legs in many different contexts?

  • How to refine your body alignment and placement in many different contexts?

  • How do you execute basic jumps and turns? (note: no jumps or turns in Low Impact classes)

Level 1&2 classes span 10 weeks of curriculum depending on how long ago the class began, so they are not all at the exact same level. Our free preview lesson can help determine which class will be the best fit for you.

Level 2a dancers are getting comfortable with vocabulary and basics.

Level 2b dancers are working on more complex footwork and gaining coordination.

Level 2c dancers are comfortable with the basic vocabulary and can generally execute all level 2 steps. In this level, dancers work on refining technique and building on their vocabulary.

Level 3a-3c

Classes span lessons 18-35 the Broche Ballet curriculum.

Dancers have a basic understanding of a range of ballet vocabulary and how to hold their bodies. We work to challenge and develop muscle memory with gradually more complicated steps, combinations, and musicality. We begin gradually building up to more complex or difficult steps and build on our base of alignment and turnout. We break every new step down into tiny pieces and gradually work up to it, ensuring proper technique the whole way.

Each Level 3 class has a different focus and skill level based on who is in the class, so come in for a free preview lesson to find out which class is the best fit for you.

Level 4

Classes move beyond the basics of technique and work on developing a wider and more advanced breadth of vocabulary. We break new steps down and develop an understanding of intermediate and advanced steps.

Each Level 4 class has a different focus and skill level based on who is in the class, so come in for a free preview lesson to find out which class is the best fit for you.

Level 5

Classes are very advanced with less focus on technique and more focus on building vocabulary and challenging dancers in a variety of different contexts. Dancers know what all of the ballet steps are and how to execute them, and we work on putting them together in different advanced combinations that challenge weight shifting, direction changes, musicality, and expression.

Come in for your free preview lesson to find out if a Level 5 class is the right fit for you.

Pointe levels Premiere & P1-P3

Pointe classes are for dancers who have been approved to go on pointe or have been on pointe in the past.

Pointe Premiere classes are for brand new pointe dancers to learn how to strengthen the proper muscles and use their pointe shoes.

Level P1 classes teach and build strength for the basic pointe work, such as echappe, sou-sous, releve passe, pas de bourre, and piques.

Level P2 classes still remain mostly at the barre, but expect that the dancer knows the fundamentals of getting up and down off of pointe. In these classes, we work on transitioning our vocabulary off of the barre.

Level P3 classes venture off the barre for center combinations including turns.

Excited to get onto pointe? Learn more about our journey to pointe here!