We'll miss you in the studio!

We miss each and every dancer who has to leave us, but we understand that life changes, things happen, and we come and go from our love of ballet. Whatever the reason that let us know and we’ll pause your tuition payments until a time when you’re ready to re-start. When you’re ready to pick back up again, let us know, and we’ll find a spot for you. Depending on how long of a break it was, and the available openings in classes, we may have your old spot open, or we may recommend a new spot for you. Or, if you no longer want to take classes at all, we’ll cancel your tuition payments after you’ve taken the classes that you’ve already purchased.

We do appreciate as much notice as possible, even if you will be canceling months in the future. This helps us re-fill your spot in class as soon as we can.

Cancelation Policies

Cancelations must be requested by email by 11:59pm MST on the 3rd of any given month. Requests made after this time will incur a non-refundable monthly subscription payment for that month.

If you have unused classes at the time of cancelation or pausing, you may use those classes as makeups when you have resumed regular ballet classes again. While paused or canceled, you may only schedule 1 makeup class per month (up to 3 credits). Makeup classes cannot be applied to future tuition in place of paying for a regularly scheduled class. Makeup class credits expire 180 days after the date of cancelation. If you re-activate your membership prior to 180 days, the clock stops and the credits will no longer expire, unless you cancel again at a later date, in which case the 180 day clock will start over at the most recent cancelation date.

We are unable to offer refunds for any drop-in classes, workshops, intensives, or any other classes purchased.

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