Get your start in ballet with our Beginner Ballet Overture Program

If you’ve always wanted to learn ballet, this is the place to start! We start from the very beginning in this program and help you through every step of the way.

We’ve designed our 18-hour Beginner Ballet Overture Program to help you learn the fundamental ballet vocabulary alongside strength and flexibility. We’ll equip you with strength and stretch exercises to take home to keep improving on your own. We’ll culminate the program with a little snippet of a ballet (called a variation) so you can see how things come together!

What is an overture?

An overture in the ballet context is typically a piece of music played by the orchestra at the very beginning of the ballet to set the stage and prepare the mood for what the audience is about to see. Often the curtain is down during the overture and no dancers are visible. The music of the overture typically includes many of the themes and tunes that will be in the whole ballet to give the audience an idea of what to expect. Think of it like a synopsis or a movie trailer, except in musical form.

Our Beginner Ballet Overture Program is designed in the same way — to give you a taste of many aspects of ballet and set the mood for what is to come.

Who is this program is for?

This program is for dancers ages 18+ who have never taken ballet before, or dancers who took ballet so long ago that they don’t remember anything. We start at the very beginning!

If you have done ballet in the past enough to remember what you’re doing, but are interested in the Overture program, we request that you come meet us for a free 30-minute preview lesson to determine if this is the right fit for you. It can be intimidating for brand new dancers to be in class with experienced dancers because they feel like they should be able to keep up with the dancers with experience, so we ask that any dancer who has knowledge of ballet meet us to evaluate the possibility of joining an Overture program.

About the program

18 hours of ballet instruction, with a maximum of 6 dancers per class.

Each 3-hour class is structured to help you get in touch with your body and learn the fundamentals of ballet!

  • 30 mins of ballet-specific strength exercises to get in touch with the particularly difficult muscles to find: turnout muscles, core, lower legs/ankles/feet, and upper back.

  • 2 hours ballet technique OR variations. Ballet technique includes barre work and a little bit of ballet vocabulary away from the barre. Variations are little snippets of a ballet (called a variation) so you can see how things come together. Typically we learn a little bit of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker.

  • 30 minutes of stretching, with special focus on the front of hips, hamstrings, and back.

Additionally, to help you get up to speed and start seeing results during the very beginning of your journey, the Beginner Ballet Overture Program includes online practice content to reinforce what you’re learning at home and enable you to practice between classes.


The cost for the Overture program is $400 due in one-time payment or 3 installments of $145. Full balance due prior to first day of the program.

Continuing beyond the Overture program

After the program, you will be invited to join one of our ongoing month-t0-month Level 2a ballet classes! Tuition for our Level 2a-5 class program is billed monthly and is $165/month for Ballet Technique, or $108/month for Low Impact classes. Click here to read about our month-to-month class program!

We hold recitals, and even help you along your journey to your first pair of pointe shoes!

Our Team

Meet the founder of Broche Ballet

Julie Gill, Broche Ballet Founder

Julie Gill began dancing as an adult and is proof that it is never too late to live your dreams. She excelled quickly under the careful and exacting eye of Beth Kurtz in New York City, achieving pointe work within a short 2 years, and attending youth summer intensives where she danced alongside pre-professional ballet students.

She has always loved to teach and has taught many different subjects to many different audiences throughout her career. When Ms. Kurtz fell ill and was unable to continue teaching, Julie learned from her how to teach and pass along her methods.

As an adult dancer herself, she understands the differences in training adults and children, how to take adult dancers seriously, and she has the unique advantage of remembering how she figured things out which she passes on to her students.

Julie loves to break things down, solve problems, and help people understand the technique of ballet. She founded Broche Ballet so she could share the joy of ballet with all who wish to learn.

Meet more of our Overture instructors

All of our instructors are kind, knowledgable, and encouraging. We’re so excited to help you achieve your dreams!

I began with zero experience in dance and expectations based solely on my private lessons with instructors in other disciplines. Our first lesson blew me away.

It seemed like 2.5 hrs worth of content stuffed into a one hour window. Besides my skill level, nothing really changed. They were all like that. My questions never went unanswered and my concerns never left unaddressed. I don’t know—and I can’t help but think about these things—how anything could have gone better.

After over six months, I do have one regret: I now hold my other teachers to a completely unreasonable standard!
— Bryan, 30s

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Grownups even do ballet?

Yes, absolutely! Check out our Inspiration page to get inspired about all of the adults doing ballet, or check out stories from our students who began ballet as adults!


All Overture classes have 6 or fewer dancers for personalized, individual instruction, and a close community in your classes. Once you move beyond the Overture program, classes are capped to 3-4 dancers.

What if I will need to miss some of the sessions?

We do request that you do your best to attend all of the sessions for your selected Overture Program to ensure that you can keep up with the pace of the class. Please do let us know if you need to miss class, but any missed classes will be forfeited. The program includes practice videos, which can help you stay up to speed if you need to miss class.

Three hours is a long class — can I make it through?

It is a long class, and you’ll sleep well afterwards, but don’t worry, we aren’t doing strenuous exercise the whole time. In our beginner program, there is a lot of explaining, talking, correcting, etc. As an example, in the first class, we might talk for 15 minutes about what exercise we’re going to do, and then spend about 3 minutes doing it. We take little water and sitting breaks as-needed, and finish with stretching to fight off muscle cramps. Dancers have a great time really digging in right off the bat and tend to really enjoy the long classes, but we know 3 hours can be intimidating!

I am interested in Low Impact classes. Can I join the overture program?

Yes! The Overture program is Low-Impact-friendly. We don’t do any extensive jumping, turning or sharp movements during this program. We focus on strength, alignment, flexibility, and vocabulary during this session and dancers with delicate bodies are absolutely welcome to join.


We recommend wearing any kind of tight fitting athletic wear such as yoga pants and a tank top or even tights and a leotard and skirt - that decision is completely up to you and your level of comfort. The key is that your instructor needs to see the form of your body to be able to ensure proper alignment while doing the exercises.

You can check out our favorite recommendations on our Discount Dancewear shop!

For footwear, you may wear socks for your first class, but we prefer to have our students in a pair of traditional ballet slippers. You can view an example of this type of slippers on Discount Dancewear here. You can get any similar ones that you find on Amazon or Discount Dancewear. You'll see a couple of different options for canvas vs leather, split sole vs full sole, and 1 elastic or 2. It's very much a personal preference, but our team prefers canvas shoes, split sole with 2 criss-cross elastic. The full-sole gives you a little more support, but doesn't look as pretty. And the leather lasts a bit longer but doesn't breathe as well and isn't as great for the Marley flooring that we have in the studio. 

I’m nervous to start ballet!

That’s ok! Most people are nervous to start! That’s why we offer a free 30-minute preview lesson to get a feel for what ballet is like and see how friendly and approachable our studio and staff are. We really love beginners and can’t wait to help you get your start with ballet.


Minimum Number of dancers in class

6-person sessions have a minimum of three (3) dancers and 4-person sessions have a minimum of two (2) dancers.

We must have the minimum number of dancers registered in order to run the session. In the rare event that enough dancers don’t register prior to 1 week before the start date, then we will offer your choice of a full refund or a transfer to a future Overture Program.

Cancelation or Applying payment to a future session

We understand things come up and sudden schedule changes or issues sometimes happen. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs and preferences.

If you register for an Overture Program and can no longer join for any reason other than Broche Ballet changing the date of the class (see above), we will issue you a refund or a transfer of your payment to a future program ONLY if we are able to fill your spot in class prior to the start date of the program. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can do our best to find someone to take your spot in class. After 1 day of the program has elapsed, we can no longer attempt to find someone to take your place in class, as once too much class time has passed and a beginner dancer would no longer be able to catch up.

We can only offer a refund transfer to a future session if we can find someone to take your spot in the current session. We will do our absolute best to fill your spot if you can no longer attend, but if we are unable to fill your spot, then we cannot offer you a refund or a transfer of your payment to a future session.

If we are able to find someone to take your spot in class, we will offer you a refund or a transfer of your payment to a future session. The refund or transfer will be pro-rated for the number of sessions that we are able to re-fill. For example, if we are able to refill your spot beginning on the 2nd day of the program, you we will refund the pro-rated cost of the sessions that we were able to refill, or you may transfer to another Overture Program for the pro-rated cost of the sessions that we were able to re-fill.

Upcoming 2019 Programs

October Weekday Daytime Program 2019 - Thursday Mornings

Instructor: Kristen @ Broche Ballet Metlo

Capped at 4 dancers

  • Thursday October 3rd 10am-1pm

  • Thursday October 10th 10am-1pm

  • Thursday October 17th 10am-1pm

  • Thursday October 24th 10am-1pm

  • Thursday October 31st 10am-1pm

  • Thursday November 7th 10am-1pm

Payment plan closed for October Weekday Daytime Program. Contact us to pay by installments. Full balance due prior to first day of the program, October 3rd.

FULL October Weeknight Program 2019 - Thursday Evenings

This program is full! We sometimes do have last-minute cancelations, so join the waitlist at the bottom of the page if you’re interested!

Instructor: Jessica @ Broche Ballet Englewood

Capped at 6 dancers

  • Thursday October 17th 6-9pm

  • Thursday October 24th 6-9pm


  • Thursday November 7th 6-9pm

  • Thursday November 14th 6-9pm

  • Thursday November 21st 6-9pm

  • Thursday December 5th 6-9pm

October Weekend Program 2019 - Saturday afternoons

Instructor: Julie @ Broche Ballet Bannock

Capped at 4 dancers

  • Saturday October 5th 4-7pm

  • Saturday October 12th 4-7pm

  • Saturday October 19th 4-7pm

  • Saturday October 26 4-7pm

  • Saturday November 2nd 4-7pm

  • Saturday November 9th 4-7pm

Payment plan closed for October Weekend Program. Contact us to pay by installments. Full balance due prior to first day of the program, October 5th.

Christmas Week with Julie

Instructor: Julie @ Broche Ballet Bannock

Capped at 4 dancers

  • Saturday December 21st 10am-1pm

  • Sunday December 22nd 10am-1pm

  • Monday December 23rd 5-8pm

  • Friday December 27th 5-8pm

  • Saturday December 28th 10am-1pm

  • Sunday December 29th 10am-1pm

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