Add-on Credits

Want more ballet in your life, but not so much to want our Unlimited Prima Pass? Purchase Add-on Credits to take additional classes when convenient for you.

Purchase individual credits, or packs of credits to fill your account. Add-on Credits can be used and scheduled just like Makeup Credits using our Makeup Finder.

How it works

Access to Add-on classes are on a first-come-first-serve basis. You may reserve your spot in Add-on classes up to 3 weeks in advance.

The classes available to you will be 1 level up, your level, and 2 levels down from your level, of an appropriate type. For example, if your regular class is Low Impact, then only Low Impact classes will be available for you. Or, if you regularly attend Ballet Technique and Pointe, then classes of both types will be available for your Add-on Credits. To see the exact classes available to you, head over to the Makeup Finder here and enter your details to log in. You will be able to register for any classes that are listed in your makeup schedule that have space.

If you miss a class scheduled using your Add-on Credits, the credits will simply be added back to your account when you report that you’ll be missing class.

Add-on Credits are also eligible for our Makeups for Merch program while on an active tuition subscription.

Expiration & Cancelation

Add-on Credits do not expire while your tuition subscription remains active. Just like Makeup Credits, if your tuition subscription is canceled or paused, the credits expire 180 days from the date of cancelation. Additionally, after canceling or pausing a tuition subscription, only 1 class per month can be scheduled.

Refunds cannot be offered for Add-on Credits purchased.

Important note!

Your purchase of Add-on Credits will be loaded into your account within 24 hours of purchase. If you are hoping to join a class immediately on the same day, please do get in touch once you purchase your Add-on Credits and we will do our best to expedite it so you can join class that day.

Credits <-> classes Conversion

Stretch class = 1 credit

30 minute classes = 1 credit

60 minute classes = 2 credits

90 minute classes = 3 credits

Purchase Add-on Credits

Single credits @ $15 each

Pack of 10 credits @ $12.50 each (total $125)

Pack of 20 credits @ $10 each (total $200)